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Expat Radio Taiwan

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Radio for and by the Expatriate Community in Taiwan

Executive Summary

Expat Community Radio is not just a community radio broadcast, it is a concept that uses a powerful media and brings it to the expatriate community in Taiwan. Our focus is to serve and assist this dynamic group of people and the needs of Taiwan’s international community. 

In the initial start up period web based broadcasting is the primary means of transmission.  Of course electronic based data broadcasting or web casting is only available to people with access to a computer and the Internet but the output is available world wide. Taiwan now has one of the highest broadband accessibility rates in the world.   Taipei is to become the first metropolis to have city wide WiFi coverage this year. Taichung and Koasiung are expected to follow the city wide WiFi access trend in the next two to five years. Internet radio broadcasting is set to dominate the market.

Radio Free Formosa
Ben Goren

Expat Radio Taiwan in the News

For over fifty years terrestrial radio has been a primary means of broadcasting in English for the expatriate community in Taiwan

    Expat Radio Taiwan is intended to fill the void in this niche market and to serve the expatriate community on Taiwan doing what no broadcaster has yet done. Providing the international community a greater resource to more information and allowing participation in issues that directly affect their lives and that of their peers.

   By using Internet based broadcasting Expat Radio Taiwan can operate unregulated and with considerably lower cost, providing the information and music that better serves the international community on Taiwan.


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