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Expat Radio Taiwan

What is Community Radio

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Importance of Community Radio


Community radio is a concept that uses an open access audio broadcast and brings an important message to an otherwise disenfranchised group. By utilising members of the community to encourage dialogue and debate, it can influence awareness by the community.

Web radio or online radio is of course only available to people with access to a computer and the Internet but by these means the radio output is available world wide. Community radio is for the people and by the people. The main objective of this type of broadcast is to enhance the democratic process at a local level by giving a voice to the voiceless.  It is an outlet that allows for diversity of content and information to better promote multiculturalism.

Community radio has the potential to play a vital role for the expatriate community in Taiwan by adopting programming formats and content that respond to the expatriate community service requirements as established by community members themselves. The emphasis is on communication as a two-way social process, on democratic ownership and support of the people it serves.  Enabling the expatriates of Taiwan to express and act on issues unique to the community by sharing  information and creating an environment of unity.

Ideas for programmes and content are being invited from groups and individuals in the Expatriate community in Taiwan.

" enhance the democratic process at a local level by giving a voice to the voiceless..."