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Background and recent History of English Radio in Taiwan

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Currently there are two English radio stations transmitting on Taiwan. They are   International Community Radio or ICRT and Radio Taiwan International or RTI.*

ICRT is a commercial FM radio station broadcasting to the major metropolitan areas of Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung using a live, 24/7, bilingual, news and music format. Prior to August 2004 ICRT  had been broadcasting in an all English format. That format was changed in August 2004 to  bilingual  and is expected to transition into an all Chinese language format within the next two years.

Radio Taiwan International or RTI is a ROC government funded station broadcasting pre-recorded and live content  primarily via short wave  and Simulcast Internet broadcasting in 14 languages utilising a talk and news radio format. RTI does not currently broadcast in the AM/FM frequency spectrum.

The Expatriate community on Taiwan has changed in nationality and occupation but sustained consistent growth for over 30 years. In 2004  it was estimated that there were over 400,000 non ROC citizens living in Taiwan. An estimated 320,000 to 360,000 are migrant workers of which 120,000 are Filipino nationals.  According to government statistics  foreigners entered Taiwan 2,410,300 times  in 2003**.

*Competitors report

**National Statistics of the Republic of China

Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) in Taiwan
Taipei  is creating a cutting edge, state of the art WiFi network that will cover 90 percent of the city by the end of 2005.

"Taipei to cloak city in world's largest Wi-Fi grid"

History of English Radio for Taiwan 


The US military first started broadcasting in English on Taiwan shortly after WWII. The Armed Forces Network Taiwan (AFNT), the only all-English radio in Taiwan operated for several decades funded entirely through the US Department of Defence. It’s audience consisted of primarily US military personnel and their dependants which numbered into the hundreds of thousands. AFNT continued to broadcast until the United States announced termination of official diplomatic relations with the R.O.C. in 1978.

Shortly thereafter with the "support" and "guidance" of the Government Information office of the Republic of China, ICRT began broadcasting in English to major metropolitan areas in Taiwan. 

All studios, transmitters and other equipment and facilities were turned over from Armed Forces Network Taiwan to International Community Radio Taiwan.


Radio Taiwan International is the modern incarnation of the Central Broadcasting System of the Republic of China created by the KMT government of Nanjing in 1928. CBS fled with the defeated ROC forces to Taiwan in 1949 where it continues to broadcast.

The Central Broadcasting System continues to receive “assistance” and “support” from the Government of the Republic of China on Taiwan.