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Expat Radio Taiwan

Competitors report

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"The market is virtually saturated with approximately 150 stations. In Tapei, there are approximately 30 commercial stations, of which only 8 are FM.The station BCC- FM dominates with up to 25% share of listening. Smaller stations can only deliver 2- 5 % of the audience potential. A small number of stations broadcast in English or mixed language formats.

Radio broadcasting in Taiwan includes regular domestic programming by medium-wave AM and VHF FM stations, medium- and short-wave broadcasts to the Chinese mainland, and specialized programming, via short-wave transmissions to other countries. Programs in various Chinese dialects and English are also available.  (Republic of China, Govoernment Information Office)."

Asia Pacific Media Library Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

 English Language Radio Broadcasters

International Community Radio Taipei
"International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) is operated by the Taipei International Community Cultural Foundation (TICCF), with offices and studios located at 2F, 373 Sung Jiang Road, Taipei."


Chinese and Bilingual Braodcasters

Broadcasting Corporation of China

Philharmonic Radio Taipei

Radio Taiwan International

"The Central Broadcasting System or CBS is the national broadcasting system of the Republic of China on Taiwan. It currently broadcasts in 18 languages around the world."



Shining Radio

Rim Tai Radio Corporation

Voice of Taipei