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Expat Radio Taiwan

About Us

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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. Expat Radio Taiwan uses a community radio format.

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Staff and Operations



In the initial start up period Expat Radio Taiwan relies heavily on automation and pre-recorded programming. Volunteer DJ’s choose the music or content they want to broadcast.

Where in the past volunteers would have to commute to the station studio to broadcast  or produce programming, the widespread availability of broadband access allows volunteers to broadcast from their own homes or offices at more convenient times according to their schedules.


 Expat Radio Taiwan will not  broadcast  live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hours of broadcast will be determined by the amount of programs made available by the volunteer s. Listeners will be able to access stored programs as they wish, as well as listen  live on-line, hours yet to be decided.

Expat Radio Taiwan Staff
Eric W. Lier his wife Annmarie and son Timothy

Our Programs

The Product


Expat Radio is defined by it’s devotion to serve the international community using localized programming and programming outside the mainstream . Traditional bases of support are volunteers, subscriber funding and donations.

The price, availability of equipment and licenser of terrestrial radio broadcasting in Taiwan  makes Internet based broadcasting ideal for the initial stages or the first one to two years of operation. With the planned city wide Wi FI access currently being implemented for Taipei in the coming year as well as the planned installation of such grids in Taichung and Goasiung, terrestrial broadcasting may never be required to maintain sustained growth. Car radios, Walkman, Diskman, MP3players, cellular phones, laptops, desktops and the next generation hybrid PDA's that will be a combination of all of these things.

Within the next two years all of these devices will be Wi Fi capable. That means anyone in a Wi Fi grid will have access to any online radio station.

Access and means of broadcasting are no longer an issue, content and supplying to a specific niche market with it’s unique needs  is the stated mandate of Expat Radio Taiwan.


Despite recent Republic of China government efforts under  the WTO auspices, regulatory barriers to entry for the telecommunications sector remain for non ROC nationals. Particularly the  restrictions by the Government Information Office forbidding foreign ownership of radio or television outlets on Taiwan. Expat Radio Taiwan is able  to bypass these barriers tomarket entry by operating outside of Taiwan and broadcasting via the World Wide Web or the Internet.

 According to a report by the United Nations sponsored International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Taiwan is ranked in the  top 10 in the world in terms of broadband access and price.*

*International Telecommunication Union (ITU)